What is dtg garment printer

It's a colorful world! No matter where you are, the people around are in t-shirts, sweaters and other garments with different colors and eyes-catching pictures. The garment pictures and color are produced normally from heat transfer/sublimation, silk screen, or embroidery. The garment printing is one of the musts for the clothing or garments industry.

The full name of DTG is direct to garment meaning: The images or pictures are directly printed onto the garments with dedicated inks via professional garments printing equipments. The DTG printing method is fast taking the place of the traditional way in an industry printing revolution with the development of technology improvements.

DTG main features compared to traditional printing methods:

  • 1. No printing plate needed.
    Easy print in low cost and no limit for the order quantity to your customers. Just import the picture or colors to the computer and print out with dtg rip software directly onto the garments.
  • 2. More comfortable printed products.
    The garments from traditional printing methods are with colloid feeling and breathe hardly. DTG printed products avoids the headache totally above and can realize small dedicated lines printing which can not be realized from traditional printing way even. The products are more comfortable, soft and natural, the printing result is with more permeability and flexibility
  • 3.More printing materials covering all garments materials. Sublimation printing method is only good for 100% chemical fiber cloth.

The DTG printer is a kind of professional equipment delivering the fine print onto garments directly in easy operation steps. It is printing the pictures in small vivid ink drops directly with environment friendly garment pigment ink via printing control system onto most of the different garment cloths. Via easy printing operations, the garments in strong color fastness up to industrial 4 degrees are delivered from the DTG printer.

DTG printing system is widely used in small quantity printing business and customized high-end garments business.

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