DTGJET team has been working on the innovation of direct to garment printer for years combining the stable structure and inkjet t-shirt & garment printing technology, brilliant textile direct to garment inks, and easy but professional dtg RIP software with affordable pricing policy. We have range variety of products for users in different situations, whether you are just thinking about starting a new business or big companies desiring to enhance your existing business with new technology. Making a desired for your customer has not to be expensive.

Selecting the right business partner and supplier is one of the most important factors´╝îtherefore the service is the vital issue. DTGJET is not only providing the printers or selling the products, but we are selling and aiming at best full solution.

All the world wide these days have no good picture for the Chinese companies no matter in which item, DTG printing machine quality and even services. People are saying: China made products is no good, no services, no support. Firstly we admit China dtg printer are not good or brilliant in the machine design and structure, and we are not as detailed or professional in terms of services as western suppliers. But DTGJET is trying our best to learn and master all of the details in the position of users since our first day, we have made professional after service team with 6 well trained staff and to more who have been working on the direct to garment printer improvements, files improvements including user menu, problem shooting, video editing, etc. Seeing is believing, you will know the truth once you are in touch DTGJET team.

Never stop for progress and better team, DTGJET also launched the new dtg printer RIP software by which you can print white ink and color inks onto any color garments directly at one time of printing. And DTGJET is continuously working on more things to bring the convenient and professional DTG printing solutions. Be touch with DTGJET now team who are not the best but trying to be better every minute. Let's discuss about more business opportunities and explore the possibilities about investment options.

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