DTGJET Advantages

DTGJET has been in the direct to garment printing industry for years since 2005. With our limited and unlimited experiences, we have been trying to provide better and best services solution to the world wide. We have sharing the advanced equipments with better ink flow, color performances, lower maintenance, and professional services for training and classes.

Professional team for services.

As most of your might know, the DTG printers are basically updated from Epson printers with different models. DTGJET team have been working with EPSON for years since 2000, and we launched the first DTG printer in 2005.Equipped with well trained technicians and years of experiences, DTGJET after sales team is working with DTGJET users in good languages skills, complete technical files, and customer first spirit even despite the time differences in the world wide.

Wide options for easy, less expensive and productive machines.

Good t-shirt printer not have to be complicated. As we know Epson to a degree, we do not try to make machines complicated but to keep the machine as original as possible. Original is original, we try to apply the original structure and parts from original Epson printers for better durability and lower investment. If you are familiar with Epson printers and daily artwork editing program (Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, etc), you can easily master the printer in short time. For the different users in different situations, we provide different levels of direct to garment machines in different investment plans.

Fluent CISS ink system with lower consumables cost.

Ink and the ink flowing system is like blood flowing system in the human body. DTGJET direct to garment ink and ink systems are easy and economical to work with. Applied with the fluent garment direct printing white and color inks (sharp color performances, long durability and detailed vivid resolution,) DTGJET printing system allows you to fill inks directly into the ink bottles or cartridges once needed easily.

For printing an A4 size image, we need just 0.1USD around (In 2880*2880DPI, 80% coverage).

Light and dark garments direct printing.

With the DTGJET unique water based pigment inks for garment and DTGJET RIP software, you can print dark and light garments directly in single print but not have to print for multi times. The printing is as natural as original textiles.

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