Direct to garment printing systems

DTGJET TrueColor series direct to garment printing systems are with 3 different models which are for individual customer's individual situation. Featured with different investment cost, different production capabilities,and other unique styles, DTGJET T-shirt printers are aiming at to be your business assistance and weapons.

Selecting the right business partner and supplier is one of the most important factors therefore the service is the vital issue. DTGJET is not only providing the printers or selling the products, but we are selling and aiming at best full solution.

DTGJET TrueColor T1800 A3+ Portable DTG Printer
TrueColor T1800 direct to garment printer is with more production capabilities and technically designed for fast printing onto dark and light garment printing directly. Dedicated head 8 chambers of 180 nozzles/each permitting the best color combination, TrueColor T1800 provides much convenience for printing, garment loading, and easy ink system maintenance. With 8 ink channels of CMYK+WWWW, it's good at white ink printing, White and color inks outputs simultaneously in one pass, and can directly print delicate pictures on all colors of t-shirts. Daily printing quantity 150-200 t-shirts per day.
TrueColor T4880 A2 size desktop digital t-shirt printer
TrueColor T4880 A2 size desktop digital t-shirt printer, with flexible working area of 42*90cm, it can not only print 2 t-shirts per time, but also print full t-shirts. Based on Epson industrial design, TrueColor T4880 t-shirt printer obtains the largest printing capability, help customers realized industrialized printing. It can print 200-350 t-shirts per dayThe shops owners and t-shirt factories express more preference on TrueColor T4880 t-shirt printer. TrueColor T4880 is for long-term consideration and large printing quantity.
Garment white ink RIP software
As part of our Complete Digital Printing Solution, DTGJET has developed two software packages, geared specifically to our high-tech printers. These software packages are tools that help with production, design and management of print jobs. Designed to add value to your production process, and to simplify your workflow, these tools are user-friendly, quick to set up and demand very little maintenance. Supports the most common graphic formats, both raster and vectorial, including JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, AI, PDF. The management of colour is based on ICC profiles: other than the default ones you can create new ones according to your needs. It can print White and color inks outputs simultaneously in one pass.
Textile Direct to Garment DTG ink
DTGJET's water based garment inks are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and adhere to the strictest human health and environmental standards. and have excellent color fastness, high elasticity and non-cracking attributes. It can Print on multiple fabric types and have both light and dark Consistently outstanding quality prints at the lowest printing cost. 100% biodegradable water based inks.
Direct Garment Electric Power Pretreatment Sprayer
It is a electric power sprayer best for pretreating dark shirts in preparation for printing. The Pretreatment Sprayer makes pretreating shirts a quick and efficient process.Pretreatment Sprayer with 9 speeds. Comes with sturdy storage case and second PerfectSpray attachment for direct to garment printer.The X-Boost Turbine provides enough power to spray dtg garment pretreatment coating. Revolutionary iSpray® technology provides up to 60% more airflow to provide smooth, even coverage with any coating.

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