How dtg printer works

DTG delivers your desired garment in few seconds in easy printing steps.

  • 1. Import the artwork you need to print and import to the DTG RIP software. DTG RIP with its professional and strong tools allows you to adjust the artwork colors by flexible ink limits, printing size, printing positions, etc to match the customized artwork from your clients. With professional color ICC profiles, you can easily realize the white and color printing on special demands. Standard ink channels are: WWWW+CMYK, CMYK+YMCK.
    step 1
  • 2. Put the garment onto the working table tray, turn on the machine and make it to READY TO PRINT status; The DTG printing system automatically adjusts the printing table height for different clothing materials in different thicknesses.

  • 3. Connect the printer and computer by USB cable, click the PRINT in DTGR IP software and you get the brilliant garment in minutes.
    step 2

  • 4. Heat press the printed garment in heat press machine for 40-60seconds with 170 degrees. The heat press will evaporate the liquid and keep the pigments in colors on the garments.
    step 4
    step 4

The ready product is with nice washing fastness, strong color durability, sharp and vivid color performance.

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